Benefits of Vein Treatment

Venous problems can not only be unsightly, but can also lead to significant medical conditions. Advanced disease if left untreated can lead to skin changes, ulceration, and debilitating symptoms of pain and discomfort in legs and feet. Generalized wellness and overall health is often significantly affected by venous disease. This is typically a subtle process, as venous disease advances many people gradually are unable to tolerate physical activity. This process of “gearing down” or becoming more and more inactive can gradually lead to undesirable changes in lifestyle and degradation of overall health. Many find difficulty in performing the necessary tasks required to take care of a family or assignments at work. In addition, due to the discomfort in their legs, many are unable to engage in physical activities and exercise that is crucial to sustaining physical health and wellness. At Heart of Dixie Vein Center we are committed to helping each patient restore their healthy legs and comfortably return to the activities of their job/family life and to make exercise fun again (for a discussion on the benefits of exercise click here for Dr Jones’ Blog post). Healthy legs lead to a healthy life!

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