Spider Veins

Whether due to old age or injury, when veins become worn out or damaged, they no longer function as they should. When the vein can no longer return blood to the heart, blood can pool near the damaged veins and cause unsightly discoloration near the surface of the skin called spider veins. While not usually painful, the visible effects of spider veins can cause embarrassment to those affected.

At Heart of Dixie Vein and Vascular Center, we have the tools and experience necessary to restore proper coloration to your legs and help your circulatory system function correctly.

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors that can lead to the appearance of spider veins include:

  • Family history: A hereditary disposition for vein damage can lead to the condition, regardless of a healthy lifestyle and exercise.
  • Standing for long periods.
  • Pregnancy: If you have spider veins already, pregnancy can cause them to become more numerous and more visible.
  • Damage to veins through age or injury.

Common Symptoms

Vein insufficiency can become apparent in several ways. Spider veins are some of the most obvious, as the narrow and branching webs of blue, red, or purple discoloration are very easy to diagnose. Sometimes spider veins are more than simply cosmetic, however. Some of the additional symptoms that may arise from spider veins include:

  • Aching and throbbing discomfort or pain surrounding the injured veins
  • Muscle cramping and swelling, especially in the lower legs, ankles, and feet
  • Increased pain when sitting or standing for long periods
  • Itching around the affected area

Treatment Options

Heart of Dixie Vein and Vascular Center is here to help patients recover from spider veins in St. George and the surrounding areas. We have a number of treatment options available thanks to the latest tools and techniques advanced by healthcare professionals.

Our ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is an injection of a medical solution that collapses spider veins, allowing the body to absorb the damaged veins and reroute the blood flow to working veins. The treatment is minimally invasive and can be performed right in our office. Two or three treatments effectively return excellent circulation and coloration to your legs.

We also offer laser treatments and ThermoClear treatments that can treat spider veins and several other vascular issues. Learn more about the treatments we offer here.

Contact Heart of Dixie Today

Give us a call and schedule a consultation with our expert staff today. Our friendly and knowledgeable doctors have the tools and experience to help your legs recover from the discomfort and discoloration of spider veins. Let us provide comfort and healing and give you the confidence you need today.

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