Compression Socks

Why Use Compression?

Whether you have venous insufficiency or your legs just ache after a long day, compression socks can be the solution you need to get back on your feet.  One of the primary treatments of varicose veins and venous insufficiency is compression of the legs using graduated compression socks. This can help to alleviate the most common symptoms of venous insufficiency. Although compression socks can help the legs feel better and heal, they cannot reverse or fix the underlying problem.  Most insurance providers require a trial of compression socks before considering catheter ablation therapy. Our Vein Team will assist you in the type and style of compression that best suits your needs. They will also measure you to get the most comfortable fit possible. Compression socks however are not just for medical conditions, they are also commonly used just to help legs feel better. If you have attended a basketball game recently, seen a marathon, or jogger through your neighborhood, then you’ve noticed that the colorful knee high tube socks from the 70s are back! These socks are not just for style but also for function… Learn More

Professional and amateur athletes alike are commonly using various forms of compression to help legs and feet feel better and to help aid in recovery after heavy workouts.

After a long day, whether you have been on your feet or sitting, many people have achy feet and legs. Compression socks will help reduce the swelling and tenderness that comes to your legs and feet after a long day of work. Remember if you take care of your legs, your legs will take care of you!

Compression may be right for you if you have any of the following:

  • Tired, aching, fatigued legs
  • Varicose veins or venous insufficiency
  • Swollen feet, ankles, and legs
  • Pregnancy
  • Stand or sit for long periods
  • Overweight
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome (history of blood clots in the legs)
  • Traveling for long periods of time

Compression Center

The Heart of Dixie Vein and Vascular Center has partnered with the best compression manufacturer in the market. Whether you are looking for athletic compression or compression to help you just get through the day, our Compression Center will help you find the sock that is right for you. Our team will give you a custom fitting to help your legs feel their best in the most comfortable and best all-around compression socks on the market. Come see our fitting specialists to discuss what style of compression sock is right for you.



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