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Your spider veins may not be painful, but that doesn’t mean you want to keep them around. If the red, purple, or blue veins are making you want to cover up, then our cosmetic treatments can help you regain your self-confidence. We offer several treatment options so you can find the right fit for you. Here we list our three most common procedures, the treatment length, recovery time, and eligible candidates for each type of cosmetic treatment.


About the Treatment

One of the latest techniques for skin treatment, Thermoclear is a device that utilizes both high and low radiofrequency (RF) for a precise and non-invasive method to treat spider veins.

During the procedure, a small device moves along the top layer of skin in the targeted area. The ThermoClear dries out the skin in the treated area, and that skin will peel off, leaving behind healthy and smooth skin in its place. This modality may be used in combination with sclerotherapy or laser treatments, depending on the type of spider vein being targeted.

This technology is not only used for spider veins on the legs, face, and chest but can also treat other vascular skin irregularities like cherry angiomas. ThermoClear removes blemishes and imperfections with little to no pain. Since the ThermoClear tool only affects the top layer of your skin, this is a very safe procedure. ThermoClear skin treatments require no downtime. This technique is performed by our partners at MaVie Med Spa.

Treatment Length

All our treatments are personalized to fit specific conditions and needs, but the typical treatment time ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. Of course, the time needed will depend on the extent of how much correction is desired and how many locations are being treated. Depending on how many veins and the depth of irregularities we’re treating, you may need multiple visits to completely clear your skin.

Recovery Time

Being a non-surgical procedure, ThermoClear treatments require less downtime than more invasive procedures. Recovery time for a ThermoClear procedure is short or nonexistent, meaning that patients can have their spider veins removed without having to sacrifice much time. If your skin is more sensitive, you may want to use lotion for sensitive skin after your treatment.

Eligible Candidates

Because ThermoClear uses both high and low RF, we can change the frequency to make it more comfortable for every patient. This capability makes ThermoClear a great option for people with thin, sagging, or sensitive skin.

“I would absolutely recommend Heart of Dixie Vein and Vascular Center to my friends and family members. Justin Poole and his staff were extremely helpful and my legs are looking better than ever before! I'm so happy I decided to seek treatment and would have been sorry if I hadn't.”

—V. G.

Laser Treatments

About the Treatment

Our lasers, at Dixie Vein Center and MaVie Med Spa, are the latest technology used to treat spider veins of the legs, body, and face. This includes everything from small red spider veins to larger purple spider veins. These spider vein treatments are often staggered with sclerotherapy to deliver optimal results.

During the procedure, the laser focuses an intense stream of light on the desired area, damaging the spider vein. When the body heals from the laser, it fills the vein with scar tissue and ensures that there is no more blood flow to the spider vein. After treatment, we recommend wearing compression socks for 5–7 days.

Treatment Length

Lasers are incredibly fast and efficient tools for removing spider veins. Treatments usually take an hour or less, depending on the desired effect. However, it may take multiple treatments to reach the desired results.

Recovery Time

Patients may experience swelling and redness following the laser treatment, but those effects tend to last no longer than a few days. Bruising may occur and last up to two weeks after the treatment. The treated veins should be completely healed after two months.

Eligible Candidates

Laser treatments can only target a small area in each treatment, thus making it a better choice for those who have fewer veins they want to treat. Small to medium-sized spider veins are optimal for laser treatments. Laser treatments can work in different areas of the body, but they are particularly effective at removing spider veins in the face and around the ankle.


About the Treatment

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive in-office procedure to close and fade spider veins over time. A sterile solution, known as a sclerosant, is injected through a small needle directly into the vein. This solution causes the vein to close down. To compensate for the loss of the vein, blood circulation re-routes through healthy veins. The entire process is known for being almost painless while still providing permanent results.

Treatment Length

Sclerotherapy treatments are relatively short. Generally, sclerotherapy treatments take about an hour to complete. Depending on the number of veins you need to treat, sclerotherapy may take only 30 minutes. Patients may require 2–3 treatment sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

Recovery Time

Patients need little to no recovery time after sclerotherapy treatment. In most instances, patients can get right back to their everyday activities almost immediately after the procedure. However, we recommend compression for 5–7 days after this procedure.

Eligible Candidates

Sclerotherapy is often considered the treatment of choice when it comes to spider veins. It is a great option for those with larger or more prominent spider veins, although it is effective for removing small spider veins as well. However, sclerotherapy for spider veins is typically not covered by insurance because it is considered cosmetic.

“Dr jones and his team are excellent, highly skilled, extremely kind, and personable. Everything was explained in detail, and I was kept comfortable and at ease through the procedures treating my varicose veins. I no longer have varicose veins and my legs look and feel so much better. I highly recommend Dr Jones and his team at Heart of Dixie.”

—S H.

Help Your Legs Look and Feel Great with Cosmetic Vein Treatments

When you’re looking to treat spider veins, it’s important to assess the amount of time that the procedure takes, recovery time, and if you are an eligible candidate for each of the different types of treatment. Finding the right treatment for spider veins is something we’re passionate about at Heart of Dixie Vein and Vascular Center. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our cosmetic treatment options!

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