I feel that my quality of life has approved 100% since my ablations. I am able to walk more and do significantly more than I could before. Before my ablations to my legs I couldn’t stand for long periods of time or walk without running into problems. Exercising and riding a bike was very difficult; I simply could not do it. Since my procedures with Dr. Jones, I am now able to do all of those things I couldn’t do before. The pain in my legs used to be 7/10 on most days accompanied by swelling which really bothered me. Since the ablations my pain is around 2/10 if any at all.

I have been working with the Wound Clinic in combination of vein treatments with Dr. Jones to get my wounds to my R leg to heal. My vein ablation procedures has definitely sped up the healing process on my wounds. I was going to the wound clinic three times a week prior to seeing Dr. Jones. I am now down to twice a week and the wounds are healing well. I would recommend to anyone who is suffering from leg discomfort or chronic leg wounds, to come to the Vein Center at Heart of Dixie Cardiology. I have seen amazing results and I am extremely grateful for my experience with Dr. Jones and his team.

Christopher Schmitz
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