Before my VenaSeal procedure with Dr. Jones, the swelling in my legs was my biggest problem; it was bad. It was awkward to walk around because my shoes were way too tight. My legs felt heavy. I used to only be able to walk only 100 yards before my legs would start to burn. I couldn’t walk much without my legs being very painful.

The biggest change I have noticed since my procedure is I can walk; better and longer. My quality of life has improved as I am now able to get around easier. I can walk further and without pain. Also, with the swelling continually improving I can now wear shoes if I want to. I exercise a minimum of 2 miles on my bike every day. It’s so great to feel improvements again. I haven’t felt good for about 5 years. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t know how to be sick because I love to be moving. They are going to have a hard time keeping me down now!

I would have to say I am fully confident in Dr. Jones and his ability to treat my legs. He told me what I needed and what he could do for me. I had never heard about the Venaseal procedure before. I didn’t know what to expect with the improvement in my legs because everyone is different, but it has been great and continues to improve and get better. I am grateful that I chose to have the procedure done. I was taken care of greatly by Dr. Jones and his team. They were just excellent. They communicate very well and have a way of making you feel important. They are just simply great because they were willing to take care of a guy like me. That right there says a lot!

I would tell someone who is suffering from leg discomfort and swelling to get in here and see Dr. Jones. Listen to his recommendations. He knows what he is doing. I have bought a few horses in my life and you can always tell by the eyes how they are and well, people are the same way. Dr. Jones and his team are exceptional. I would rate the results to my legs at a high 9/10 and I would recommend Dr. Jones and his team to anybody that needed help!

Jimmie Crittenden
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