I was asked how my quality of life has improved since my VenaSeal procedure by Dr. Jones. To that my response is actually, I didn’t have any quality of life before. I was unable to walk, I fell down often, I had no strength in my legs. I was afraid to something as simple as going to the store. I am no longer afraid. I feel like a new person. Before my VenaSeal procedure, I had terrible swelling in my feet and ankles. The pain from the swelling was miserable. I couldn’t even hardly wear shoes, let alone walk. I would say that I have seen 95% improvement in the swelling and the pain is gone. It doesn’t hurt anymore like it used to.

Physically, I am no longer limited by my legs. I am now able to get out and garden in my flower beds and even go shopping. I wasn’t able to do much of that before. I hadn’t been shopping in forever. Shortly after my procedures I took a trip to Las Vegas with my daughter and we went to some large shops and spent much of the afternoon shopping and I felt pain free and great! There is NO way I would have been able to do that prior to my procedure. I feel like I’ve been given a new life. I can’t even begin to explain how this has made me feel. There are no words to describe what the VenaSeal procedure has done for me. I noticed a huge difference the moment I stood up from the table after the procedure.

I most definitely was confident, and still am in Dr. Jones in his ability to give exceptional care. The first time he spoke with me, I knew he was the right person to be my doctor and I knew the vein procedure was what I needed. I didn’t think twice I was so comfortable. Because the VenaSeal procedure is not covered by insurance, I had to pay for the procedures out of my own pocket. It was way more than worth it. Dr. Jones is an exceptionally gifted man. His charisma, his personality and everything about him is exceptional. I would rate Dr. Jones and his team as a 10+ on a scale of 1-10. I was given such excellent care from him and his team. Never in all of my life have I been treated so well in a medical facility. Dr. Jones is my hero. He and his team treated me better than I could have ever asked for. I am by far his biggest fan; Marissa too, she’s great!

I would tell someone who can relate to my story, go see Dr. Jones, and fast! I would imagine he is going to get really busy when people start learning about venous insufficiency and what can be done to help them. I have already shared on social media letting others know they need to see him if they are experiencing anything similar to what I was because my experience was amazing. I am very fortunate to have Dr. Jones as my doctor.

Marilyn Gruenig
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