Before coming in to see Dr. Jones, my legs hurt constantly. They were swollen, aching, burning and hot. Just crap! I thought it was just old age. I couldn’t even walk to get my mail without being in terrible amounts of pain. So, I avoided doing simple day-to-day tasks. When I first came to see Dr. Jones and his nurse Marissa, I was not able to pull my pant legs up to my knees to show them my legs. When I came in for my follow up appointment after treatments, I was able to pull my pant legs all the way up above my knees because the swelling has gone down! I now can walk so much more than I could before. There is no pain, no burning, and very little swelling.

It feels so good to be able to just walk and keep up with the crowd; even being 88 years old! It’s wonderful to have that kind of quality of life. Physically, I am much more active than I used to be. I like riding my stationary bike and my legs hurt so quickly before that I didn’t do it often because I couldn’t enjoy it. Now I can and I love it. I can get my own mail and do my own shopping. I can walk from the garden center all the way to the food court! There is no way I could have done that before without so much pain. I am so happy. If I had known about this 6 years ago I would have had it done then. If I needed the procedure again I would do it again. It was well worth it. I have my life back.

The care I was given at Heart of Dixie Vein and Vascular Center was just unbelievable. They truly cared about my feelings. It’s hard to put it into words. They impressed me tremendously. It’s wonderful to know and feel their love and care. They took the time to explain the procedure to me and my family and friends. We always left feeling impressed and on cloud nine knowing we were in good hands. We trust Dr. Jones and his team completely. They are so darn good and caring!

To anyone who is experiencing the same kind of symptoms I was having, I would say call Dr. Jamison Jones, or his nurse Marissa. I would recommend them to anybody. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my overall experience at Heart of Dixie Vein and Vascular Center at a great big fat 10! I have never had such a great experience with a doctor before. I just love Dr. Jones and his team!

Myrtle ArkoMarilyn Gruenig
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