Let me tell you how this happened. I had seen a few doctors over the years who wanted to help me with my legs, as they could see there was a problem but just didn’t know what the cause was. I was at an appointment with Colby Peterson, whom I just love, when he recommended that I meet with Dr. Jones, in the same clinic. So I met with Dr. Jones and he took immediate action and wanted to see what he could do to help me. From there, it only got better.

Before my ablations with Dr. Jones, My legs were red and they itched about 90% of the time. The itching almost felt like I was being poked by a rose bush, like I had stickers in my legs. My legs were also very swollen. Since my ablations the swelling has gone down immensely and the redness has improved significantly, my other doctors have noticed a difference as well! I can now get out and do things I love without the “prick” being a problem like it was before as that feeling has become very minimal. I also now have hair growing on my legs, where I didn’t before. I don’t retain water in my legs as bad either.

Since my vein procedures with Dr. Jones, I am more comfortable with living. I can do things that I hesitated to do before. I now want to get out and enjoy life without having discomfort in my legs. I can’t tell you how wonderful is has been to be able to interact with my grandchildren without my legs constantly bothering me. I can walk, I can kneel down and get back up which I couldn’t do before and I am just more mobile overall. For that I am grateful. Prior to my treatments I was using walker and I am now able to get around just using a cane for balance! More activity has made my energy level come up which is fantastic!

So I would tell someone who might be suffering from the same symptoms to analyze having the procedure done and to get with Dr. Jones and see if treatment is something that would work for them, like it has for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Jones, not only because he is great at what he does, but also because he truly has love, passion and care for his patients. You don’t just feel like another number when you are there with him and his wonderful staff. I would highly rate my experience with Dr. Jones and his vein team because I am exceptionally pleased with the results I have seen and the wonderful experience they have given me.

Richard Abelhouzen
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