I used to have a lot of pain and swelling in my legs and some in my knees. This bothered me a lot when I would try to walk. I was not able to mow my lawn before seeing Dr. Jones, because I couldn’t tolerate the pain and swelling that came with it. I have even had to go to the wound clinic for treatment of wounds on my legs. At that time I had a lot of swelling with the wounds.

My quality of life has immensely improved since my ablations with Dr. Jones. My ability to walk as well as the pain in my legs has improved so much. I am now able to mow my lawn. I can cut the grass and work in the yard. I can do just about any physical activity I would like to and that makes life more convenient and enjoyable. I bought a new lawn mower and I can’t wait for the weather to cool off so I can get out and use it! I am so grateful as I have felt so much better overall and can get around more easily without hardly any discomfort. Since my ablations the healing time to my wounds has drastically improved and the swelling has gone down a lot.

I would DEFINITELY refer Dr. Jones and his vein team to anyone who is struggling with discomfort or swelling in their legs; without a doubt I would. In fact, I already have!

William Garner
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