5 Tips for a Healthy Vascular System

When you think about the month of February, you probably remember Valentine’s Day on the 14th. When you imagine Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? Probably a lot of hearts!

So it’s fitting that February is also American Heart Awareness month. While this connection makes this heart health month easy to remember, it’s not the only reason to have time dedicated to vascular health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, so taking some extra steps to care for your vascular system is essential.

Get five tips for a healthy heart and vascular system from the healthcare professionals at Heart of Dixie Vein & Vascular.

Tip 1: Quit Smoking

One of the best things you can do for your heart health is not to smoke. If you do smoke, February could be the perfect time to start the process of quitting. Unfortunately, smoking can lead to many health problems, such as atherosclerosis. This condition causes fatty build-up in the arteries. To keep your heart and vascular system functioning, it’s best to stop smoking or never take it up in the first place.

Tip 2: Exercise Regularly

While it might get old to hear it, the truth is that regular physical activity is good for you in many ways. The best way to exercise to help your heart and vascular system is to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times per week. While February might still be winter, try to go to a local gym or rec center or go on a walk around your neighborhood.

Tip 3: Eat Heart-Healthy Foods

Just like with exercise, eating a balanced diet is good for your entire body. While you should try to eat as healthy as possible overall, you can also try implementing some specific foods known to increase health. Consider adding nuts, berries, oats and even dark chocolate to your meals this month.

Tip 4: Relax

While it’s easy to get stressed out by all you have going on, too much stress can strain your vascular system. The great news is that eating healthier and working out can also reduce stress. But if you’re struggling with increased anxiety, talk to a healthcare professional for treatment.

Tip 5: Get Adequate Sleep

If you’re like many adults, you may struggle to get enough sleep each night. While it’s not always easy, restful sleep is critical to a healthy heart and a healthy mind and body overall. Try to get into a more consistent routine in February and beyond.

Improve Your Vascular Health Today

Do you need more tips on keeping your heart and vascular system healthy? Or perhaps you have a concern such as varicose or spider veins developing on your hands or legs. No matter what your concern is, we’re here to help. Contact the team at Heart of Dixie Vein & Vascular today by calling 435-215-0469.

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