Can My Job Increase My Risk of Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins, also known as spider veins, occur when veins start to twist and enlarge in the legs. This common condition can range from cosmetic with very few symptoms to more severe cases that cause leg pain. But, while various factors impact your risk of getting varicose veins, one many people don’t think about is their job.

Specific jobs can lead to an increased risk. Learn a bit more about why this happens and which jobs are linked to varicose veins in this guide.

Why Do Some Jobs Lead to Varicose Veins?

Any job that requires you to stand for more than four hours per day could increase your risk of developing varicose veins. However, this is also true for jobs that require sitting for many hours per day.

Both prolonged standing and prolonged sitting can put a strain on the veins and create a higher risk of a varicose vein problem.

This is because prolonged standing causes blood to pool and adds pressure on those particular veins. Over time, this can weaken the valves of the veins. For prolonged sitting, blood can also pool and increase vein pressure.

Jobs Linked to Varicose Vein Risks

Any job requiring extensive standing or sitting daily can increase your risk of developing spider veins. But, some of the most common careers associated with this condition include:

  • Teachers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Hospitality workers
  • Beauty professionals
  • Retail employees
  • Office workers

Most of these jobs involve standing up for many hours a day, but a couple of them include sitting in one place at a desk. But, while these careers might up your risk, there are ways to prevent varicose veins.

How to Lower Your Risk of Varicose Veins at Work

If you work in one of these job positions, you should follow these five tips to reduce your risk and keep your veins healthy:

  • Put your feet up on a stool or footrest for jobs that involve sitting.
  • Move our weight from side to side when standing up.
  • Walk around every 30 minutes whether your job involves a lot of sitting or standing.
  • Always wear comfortable, supportive shoes.
  • Do exercise like squats often if you are always on your feet.

And, if varicose veins are already a concern, get an appointment with a vein treatment professional to start preventive methods and keep the issue from worsening.

Varicose Vein Treatment in Southern Utah

If you’ve developed varicose veins, there is help available. The vein and vascular experts at Heart of Dixie specialize in treating spider veins and other cardiovascular issues. Our treatment options include ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and radiofrequency ablation.

We want to help all our patients improve their quality of life, whether their varicose veins are cosmetic or causing pain. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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