How Effective is MPFF in Treating CVI and Other Vein Diseases?

MPFF, or Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction, is a supplement that is composed of 90% diosmin and 10% concomitant active flavonoids. MPFF is made from naturally derived extracts that are safe for most people. Diosmin is a naturally derived chemical, an extract from citrus fruits. It helps reduce inflammation and swelling. It also encourages vein health and the flow of blood.

Flavonoids are also naturally occurring. They contain antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system and enhance the body’s ability to stave off infections and diseases.

Together, the two ingredients are a more effective treatment for diseases such as CVI (chronic venous insufficiency) and varicose veins than diosmin would be on its own.

The Impact of CVI on the Body

Hypertension and venous dilation impact the valves and walls of the veins. The dilation triggers the body into an inflammatory response, which causes the release of chemicals that further thicken the walls of the veins. This creates a vicious circle of inflammation and discomfort as the body reacts to the inflammation by further restricting blood flow.

What are the Benefits of MPFF for CVI?

Diosmin alone does not have the same benefits that it does when combined with antioxidant-rich flavonoids. Research has shown that MPFF is effective for venous hypertension and inflammation. It can also slow down the damage of CVI. If taken early enough, it may even prevent CVI from doing any damage at all. Doctors generally recommend 500mg twice a day.

Please consult your doctor before you start taking any medication.

Evidence of the Effectiveness of MPFF

There have been countless studies on the efficacy of MPFF for the treatment of CVI and other related issues. MPFF has proven to reduce the symptoms significantly. It has had an impact on symptoms like leg swelling, pain, and the appearance of varicose veins.

  • A Columbian study consisted of 1570 CVI patients. These patients were monitored over 60 days while they received MPFF treatment. They reported a reduction in symptoms by 60%.
  • A Russian study had 1607 patients. Out of that group, 1368 individuals received a combined treatment while the rest only received MPFF. Both groups reported a 50% improvement in overall health by the end of the study. This indicates that CVI can be combined with other medications as well.


The research and studies about MPFF so far have been promising. MPFF and horse chestnut seed extract are the most effective supplements that have been found for treating CVI and varicose veins. If you suffer from CVI or any vein-related disease, consult your physician today and find out if MPFF may be right for you.

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