Will Varicose Veins Affect Your Day-to-Day Life?

When people think about varicose veins, they imagine a condition that primarily impacts appearance. While it’s true that varicose veins often bother people because of how they look, they are not just a cosmetic concern.

If you want to remove your varicose veins because of how they look, this makes total sense. But, for most people, varicose veins also impact their daily lives. Often, varicose veins lead to uncomfortable and even painful symptoms. Note that some symptoms might not appear at first, but since varicose veins are progressive, they may worsen over time.

Learn more about the ways that varicose veins can affect your day-to-day life, and then get information on how to treat varicose veins at Heart of Dixie Vein & Vascular.

Varicose Veins Cause Pain and Discomfort

Unfortunately, the majority of people with varicose veins deal with some level of pain and discomfort. It’s common to have itchy legs or even cramping. Many patients also deal with exhaustion and heaviness in their legs.

Varicose Veins Can Swell

Along with pain, itchiness, and heaviness, varicose veins can also swell. The tissue surrounding the varicose vein can fill up with excess fluid, and this can cause swelling in your legs. Increased swelling can impact the appearance of your legs and also lead to more pain.

Varicose Veins Can Impact Work and Exercise

Because varicose veins can be painful and uncomfortable and impact your appearance, you may notice many daily effects as well. Working out may be more difficult because of the pain and swelling.

Also, if you sit or stand for many hours a day for work, you may notice increased pain, swelling, and discomfort.

Many people also feel self-conscious about their appearance, which impacts what they wear.

How to Alleviate the Daily Impacts of Varicose Veins

Dealing with the symptoms of varicose veins is frustrating, but you don’t have to live like this forever. There are many effective treatment options for varicose veins, and many of these are non-invasive and efficient.

Some of the proven varicose vein therapies we provide at Heart of Dixie Vein & Vascular include:

  • VenaSeal
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Sclerotherapy

You can also mitigate the symptoms by wearing compression stockings and following the directions of a vein specialist.

Get Relief from Varicose Vein Symptoms

The pain and discomfort of varicose veins can make it difficult to work, run errands, and raise children. If you’re tired of the impacts of varicose veins on your daily life, let the healthcare professionals at Heart of Dixie Vein & Vascular find an effective treatment plan for you. Call today to request a consultation.

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